DERASAT marks Bahrain Sports Day

Manama, Feb. 12 (BNA): Bahrain’s Centre for Strategic, International, and Energy Studies (“DERASAT”) today offered a programme filled with various sports activities for its employees to celebrate Bahrain National Sports Day.

In line with achieving the goals of the national day of sports, Derasat’s management ensured that everyone at the Centre was able to participate in the programme, which started with an educational lecture that explained the correct concept of adopting a healthy and physical diet for an optimal lifestyle.

At the end of the day, the winners received prizes and all the participants were urged to continue engaging in these types of sports. The management also complemented everyone involved for their efforts in making it a successful activity, further noting the importance of adding this national occasion to the annual agenda of activities celebrated every year, which will instill the culture of sports and the values of teamwork and togetherness.


BNA 1351 GMT 2019/02/12

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