Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques Chairs Cabinet's Session 5 Riyadh

The Cabinet approved promotions to 15th and 14th ranks, as follows:
1 – Abdullah bin Ali Al-Midaimig to the post of Undersecretary at the Principality of Jazan Region (15th rank).
2 – Dr. Issa bin Abdulrahman bin Mohammed Al-Issa to the post of Security Counselor, at the Ministry of Interior (15th rank).
3 – Adel bin Abdullah bin Abdulrahman Al-Yusuf to the post of Civil Service Counselor, at the Ministry of Civil Service (15th rank).
4 – Fahd bin Abdulaziz bin Zaid Al-Zimami to the post of Director General of Administrative and Financial Affairs, at the University of Imam Abdulrahman bin Faisal (15th rank).
5 – Abdullah bin Yahya bin Mohammed Al-Qahtani to the post of Administrative Counselor, at the Directorate General of the Border Guards (14th rank).
6 – Eng. Abdullah bin Abdulrahman bin Abdullah Al-Ghamdi to the post of Director General of Projects’ Department, at the Ministry of Justice (14th rank).
7 – Khalid bin Abdulaziz bin Mohammed Al-Dikhail to the post of Director General of Human Resources, at the Presidency General of Promoting Virtue and Prohibiting Vice (14th rank).
8- Khalid bin Mohammed bin Ahmed to the post of Director General of the Office of the Secretary General of the Cabinet, at the Secretariat General of the Cabinet (14th rank).
The Cabinet reviewed other issues on its agenda and instructed appropriate recommendations, in their regard.
17:38 LOCAL TIME 14:38 GMT

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