Shura Council Condemns Terrorist Attack, targeting 2 Mosques, in Christchurch وكالة الأنباء السعودية

Riyadh, Mar 15, 2019, SPA — Shura Council condemned the two terrorist attacks, targeting two mosques, in the city of Christchurch, New Zealand, resulting in scores of dead and injured.
In a press statement announced here today, Shura emphasized importance of a joint action taken collectively by all countries, all over the world, to combat terrorism and uproot it, thought and funding as well, regardless of the source, religious or cultural backdrop, calling for quick criminalization of hatred discourse, taking necessary measurements by the UN and world-wide parliaments to criminalize racist acts targeting Islam and Muslims, alike, and classifying such practices among terrorist acts, to realize a peace that would preserve human blood and funds.
Widespread Islamophobia, in the world, and nursing it in the Western Hemisphere, in particular, through the media outlets, some intellectuals and extremely rightwing parties, are giving a hand to planting extremely Anti-Muslims thoughts and consolidating feelings of hate towards them, a fact that may encourage fanatics to resort or adopt acts of terrorism against them.
It calls on the International Parliamentary Union, in its capacity as an umbrella for all world parliaments, to adopt an outright and coherent resolution to deter the phenomenon of Islamophobia, in order to grow up a healthy humanitarian sense among all peoples, races and religions, world over.
20:21 LOCAL TIME 17:21 GMT

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